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A 10-year- girl from Belo Horizonte, Brazil gave birth to a healthy child after it was learned that she was seven months pregnant following her complaints of stomach pains in school. Officials at the school grew more concerned as the girl said the pains became more intense and had her taken to the hospital, where her pregnancy was discovered and soon after, she gave birth.

Reports  from multiple sources (Aol and Inquisitrsay the girl’s mother had noticed her becoming more anti-social; having mood swings, and her grades were falling, but she attributed it to growing pains.

 After the girl gave birth, she admitted her stepfather, 40, had raped her and said he would kill her mother and brother if she told anyone. 

Although the girl knew she was a victim of abuse, sources say she never realized she was pregnant. And other than the fact that she was said to have a small frame, there has been no information on why her pregnancy was not noticeable by her own mother; nor why there was no knowledge of the stepfather’s crude relationship with the girl.

The man, who had left the home once he learned that he had been found out, has since been caught and charged with rape and illegal possession of firearms. 

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