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EbonyThe February “Black Love” issue of EBONY features a myriad of views of the intricacies of love. The cover story “Black Love Is…” features an exclusive essay series where six bold writers pontificate on the most coveted, misunderstood and complicated yet necessary human emotion on earth–love.

Feelin’ Myself by “Image activist” Michaela Angela Davis comes clean about the struggle to love one’s self. Unbreakable by love coach Gee Session-Smalls talks about the fierce determination of Black gay love. Forever, Forever, Ever by Colorlines Editorial Director Akiba Solomon, reflects on her parents’ 40-plus year love affair.

EIC Kierna Mayo urges readers to “Please read Black Love Is… EBONY gets expansive about the subject, moving beyond our collective celebrity relationship projections–what we cover and what we think we know. We go beyond romantic, heteronormative tales because we want to witness every kind of love tucked in the nooks and crannies of Black life.”

Editor’s Letter: Holding on to Black Love


Michaela Angela Davis on Self Love [Exclusive Excerpt]


In Our Kids; Whose History? by R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy, Ph.D., EBONY examines the longstanding hurdles and current challenges of bringing Black History to American public schools – and for more than a single month. The piece leads with the question, are Kente tablecloths and Dr. King bulletin boards the best we have to offer today in our children’s classrooms?

With Election Day 2016 just nine months away, EBONY helps readers cut through the clutter of information with an article entitled Your 2016 Black Voter Cheat Sheet by Josie Duffy. In addition to electing President Obama’s successor, there are almost 480 congressional seats are up for grabs, as are countless state and local positions. EBONY provides an overview of five of the issues significant to the African American voter–Jobs, Police Misconduct, Mass Incarceration, Education and Homeownership.

The Official EBONY Black History Month Quiz asks, are you more culturally conscious than a fifth grader? February is the perfect time for readers to brush up on their knowledge of the great moments, movement, people and ideas that shaped both black and American history.

The February issue also includes the 2016 Best-In-Class Auto guide. With last year’s new-vehicle sales at record highs and Black consumers a key factor in keeping plants running and transport trucks filled with dealership deliveries, automakers are expectation 2016 to be a very big year. Jeff Fortson of jeffcars.com pins a piece for EBONY that is designed to take some of the guesswork out of the hunt for a new car.


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