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cass 3Detroit Public School teachers, students and other supporters rallied Monday in support of instructors who have staged repeated sickouts to protest poor building conditions and other problems in the state’s largest school district. Students participating in the walkout complained about sub-standard conditions in the school, including a lack of text books, technology and toiletries.

The demonstrations, which included a noontime walkout by students at Cass Technical High School, came as a judge conducted a hearing on the district’s request to bar further sickouts.

At Cass Tech, dozens of students marched outside the school and carried signs supporting the teachers.

Students chanted “Save DPS,” “We want the best” and “Fix DPS!” Senior Natalya Henderson spoke into a bullhorn, saying that the walkout had no affiliation with the activist group By Any Means Necessary or ousted teachers union president Steve Conn, who has urged teachers to join the sickouts.

Police cars were still on the scene Monday night, following a shooting threat earlier Monday morning.

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