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Project Greenlight 2At the onset of the new year the Detroit Police Department partnered with eight gas stations that have installed real-time camera connections with police headquarters as part of a ground-breaking crime-fighting partnership between local businesses, the City of Detroit and community groups called “Project Green Light Detroit.”

Project Green Light Detroit is the first public-private-community partnership of its kind, blending a mix of real-time crime-fighting and community policing aimed at improving neighborhood safety, promoting the revitalization and growth of local businesses, and strengthening DPD’s efforts to deter, identify, and solve crime.

DPD’s initial eight Project Green Light Detroit Partners have all installed, and will maintain, a number of high-definition (1080p) indoor and outdoor cameras. The stations also all upgraded to high-speed network connections capable of allowing for consistent video streaming to DPD. Moreover, the stations also have agreed to provide adequate lighting on all parts of their properties — and to making other improvements as needed to ensure that their stations are customer-friendly, safe, and inviting.

Each partnering station has also provided for, installed, and will maintain external Project Green Light Detroit signage, including metal flag signs under their station canopies, decals at the top of their doors, and physical green lights above their price signs — all to signify to customers and community members that they are Project Green Light Detroit Partners.

As part of Project Green Light Detroit, DPD and the City have committed to devote staff to effectively receive, monitor, and analyze video feeds from Project Green Light Detroit Partners. DPD and the City have also made a longer-term commitment to develop a permanent state-of-the-art Real-Time Crime Center to be housed at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters. Additional work is also being done with Project Green Light Detroit Partners to strengthen the local ties between participating stations, DPD Precinct Captains, DPD Neighborhood Police Officers, and surrounding community leaders and organizations.


DPD and its eight initial Project Green Light Detroit Partners continue to work on developing operating best practices, in addition to strengthening the relationships between the Partners and their surrounding neighborhoods. Beginning on March 1st of 2016, DPD and the City expanded the Project to additional gas stations and other local businesses, including, but not limited to, restaurants and convenience stores.



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