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warren-city-hall4On May 5th all over this country many of municipalities and local assemblies will celebrate the National Day of Prayer.   The National Day of Prayer is a national observance that is celebrated annually, the first Thursday of May here in the United States. It was first instituted in 1775, with the Continental Congress, and then it was signed into law under President Harry Truman in 1952.   Since then every sitting President has observed and put forth a proclamation stating the need for prayer and a time of reflection.

However, recently religious freedoms and ideals have been under attack. There have been more lawsuits concerning religious edicts or references in local government, and groundbreaking cases to have them removed. The general thought is that there is “separation of Church and State.”   This is probably the most widely misused statement in our American History.   As not to bore the reader with endless facts, and counterstatements, I would rather look at what we have lost as a country.

One of the greatest bastions that we have had as a Country was our unyielding declaration that our prosperity, wealth, and endurance was because, “God has shed His grace on thee.”   The founding fathers understood in principle, purpose, and design, that the bounty that they had inherited was not the solely their intelligence, military prowess, or command of their situation. Innately, they understood the longevity of this great country was built on establishing a tradition that, “In God We Trust.” This was not to fortify a national religion. Contrary, it was to be absorbed in the mindset of the settlers and colonies, that this is not something that we have done of our own doing. It is greater than us.

Thus, we have forgotten this very basic principle and it has begun to eat away at the very fabric of our society. We have forgotten that our seniors were the backs that we used to cross over; and we now, rob and abuse them. We have forgotten, the school teacher who stayed late to help us accomplish basic lessons; now we don’t regard education. Lastly, we have forgotten, such the high office of the Presidency; and we have made mockery of the process.

I would purport that the founding fathers knew that keeping the faith, kept us sane. That faith kept us human, and it keeps us regarding the intangible. These intangibles are history, culture, tradition, and common good. These sustaining principles are the bedrock of any civilization.

The City of Warren has sustained many battles from the Freedom from Religion Coalition who wants to stop the National Day of Prayer, the Prayer Station, and the Nativity Scene all from being displayed at City Hall. The ardent leadership of Mayor James Fouts has opposed this group for years, and the City has won numerous court cases. However, that is not enough. What is needed is a united voice that will say this is my tradition, my heritage, and I am proud to have religious freedom!

The City of Warren will observe the National Day of Prayer on May 5th at Warren City Hall. Located at 1 City Square, Warren, MI 48093 from noon till 12:45. The special guest this year will be Pastor Harold Hoffman, Pastor Chuck Gaidica, and Pastor Solomon Kinlock.   There will also be local, bands, schools, and the community. There is plenty free parking and this is a free event. For more information call 586-276-0007. Or on FB: Annual National Day of Prayer Warren Michigan.

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