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GoFundMelinkAs a young mother of two, who’s living pay-check to pay-check, I’ve committed to offering my children a remarkable opportunity– thus includes commuting roughly twenty-five miles north of my rental home in the Bagley Community, Monday- Friday to a suburban school.  Each morning, I count my blessings because not everyone has a reliable source of monies, a semi- reliable vehicle or just in general, Resources.

It was on March 24, that I asked my son, “Do you know why I commute roughly 25- 30 minutes (often much longer) to the suburbs each day, for you to attend school?”  He shrugged his shoulders and with a grin responded, “I don’t know. You’re the mother.” I quickly explained,  “Carnieche, this world expects for you to fail. You entered this world, innocent– yes, but with an in-equal opportunity in comparison to your co-peers due to how society sees you: A Black Boy. You were given an opportunity– one that many many many children in Detroit would LOVE to have, in order to set a solid foundation for success for you. You MUST try even harder than your co-peers to succeed in this world. Do you hear me? HARDER. You must not give up. EVER. Do you understand me? This isn’t a privilege for you to attend this school… It’s a sacrifice that your Mother & Father made consciously in order for you to be on step closer to success. Do you hear me???…..” He nodded gently.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days had passed. His 9th Birthday was nearing.  I’d asked, “Carnieche, what would you like to do for your Birthday?”  “Well mom, you remember when we hosted a Fundraiser (Autism Fundraiser) for my 5th Birthday?  We should host another Fundraiser.”  My smile grew and my heart warmed.  “What should we Fundraiser for, Carnieche?”  “How about children in Detroit.  They too deserve a good education. An opportunity.”

This is what led me to reach out to YOU. We hear all too often of the corruption… The Crime… Deaths (you name it). Let’s be the change.

On Saturday April 16th, will you join my son and the most absolute important individuals in this world– Our Youth– for a day of positive. A day of change. A day of hope. A day of giving. Our children are our future, and they need 

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