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group MOEFor the past eight years, the Michigan Chronicle has annually selected some of metro Detroit’s most interesting and remarkable people as “Men of Excellence” and “Women of Excellence” respectively.  These honorees have demonstrated exceptional vision, leadership, commitment, strength, passion, and the ability to affect positive change in and beyond their respective fields/careers.

Such honorees chosen by the Chronicle represent a cross-section of individuals in the community, civic circles, business, faith-based entities, media, entertainment, hospitality, education, automotive industry and many other sectors of society in greater Detroit.  Many of the past honorees have excelled in philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors.

While some past honorees are more well-known than others, the common thread that has connected all “Men of Excellence” and “Women of Excellence” is unselfish service to positively affect change for people and communities in metro Detroit.

On Friday, May 13 at Cobo Center’s Grand Ballroom, beginning at 5:00 p.m., the Chronicle, in recognition of its 80th anniversary, will host its Celebration of Excellence Awards Ceremony and Alumni Reunion.  This event, for the first time, will honor both Men and Women of Excellence, together.  Thus, approximately 100 honorees will be feted for 2016.  Additionally, past honorees of excellence have been invited to attend this year’s gala event.

“The distinguished men and women honored this year not only have professional success to their credit, they are also men and women who have become strong beacons of light and change for  African American communities throughout this region,” said Hiram E. Jackson, CEO of Real Times Media and publisher of the Michigan Chronicle.  “Those who have been chosen this year, as well as those in the past, were all nominated from hundreds of nominees.  Therefore, to be chosen of excellence, puts each man and woman into an elite group of individuals that the Chronicle believes are among this area’s most influential men and women.”

Since the inception of the Chronicle’s “Men of Excellence” and “Women of Excellence” annual honors, there have been more than 800 honorees saluted.  Space will not permit the complete listing of all past honorees.  However, it should be noted that the list would represent the region’s most prolific movers and shakers for change and empowerment…and there are many more men and women of excellence to be saluted in the future.

Former Detroit Mayor Dennis W. Archer weighed in on being a past “Men of Excellence” honoree.

“For 80 years, The Michigan Chronicle has been the most important newspaper in the city of Detroit, our region and state for our African American community,” said Archer.  “In the very recent past, The Michigan Chronicle has seen fit to honor African American women and men considered to be excellent. As a past honoree, I am sure I speak for the women and men so honored in the past that it was a sense of ‘having arrived’…to have been so chosen by a newspaper with such a rich history. I congratulate the new honorees.”

Alice G. Thompson, CEO of Black Family Development, Inc., who was honored in 2014, added.

“I ask myself, ‘Why was I selected?” said Thompson, when honored as part of the “Women of Excellence” group.  “It was not about my name, my title, or my position; it was about the work that I am doing. I realize that this work is making a positive difference.  So, I’m excited to have received this honor, along with so many other women who are also working to make a positive difference…and there are many other women who deserve this type of recognition.”

Tony Stovall, a past honoree, and co-owner of downtown Detroit’s historic Hot Sam’s, concluded.

“It was a tremendous honor to have been included as part of the Michigan Chronicle’s “Men of Excellence” a while back,” Stovall said.  “There are many people in this city who are doing some tremendous things to make a difference. I’m extremely humbled that I was noticed and appreciated for any contribution that I’ve made to my community, to my city, and to and for my people.”

For more information about attending this year’s Celebration of Excellence Awards Ceremony and Alumni Reunion on Friday, May 13 at Cobo Center, call 313.963.8100.

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