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Mother Mae Townsend

Mother Mae Townsend

Friday May 6 family and friends came together for a special dinner to celebrate the 100th birthday of Mother Edna M Townsend.

The celebration took place at New Hope Tabernacle Church, where Townsend has been a long time member.

The church had been planning the celebration for months, says New Hope’s Pastor Larnelle Robinson.

“Reaching 100 years old is such a milestone, and it puts her into a very elite group of individuals that have graced this earth,” said Pastor Robinson.

“ We just want to be a blessing to her, because she has blessed so many over these 100 years.”

When Mother Townsend arrived with her daughter, Lois Summerville, by her side, the room became emotionally filled, full of love, and admiration of the honoree.

Mother Townsend had and still has such a profound affect on the lives of her loved ones, and those she’s crossed paths with throughout the century.

Townsend’s grand god daughters spoke on how she influenced their lives.

“She played a big role in me getting married to my husband, that’s very special to me,” said Erica Morgan.

“Mother Townsend has been such a pillar of the women of God, she has been an example, a mentor, a friend, a mother, whatever is needed,” said Lisa Armstrong.

“I just thank and praise God for all of the wisdom and knowledge that she’s taken the time to pour into me,”said Armstrong.

Louis Cain Bostic,77, said she grew up with Townsend’s three children.

“She was like my second mom, she was a beautiful woman then and a beautiful woman now,” said Bostic.

From Mother Townsend’s grandchildren to her great great grandchildren, they each shared personal stories, lessons she taught them, and wisdom she instilled.

Mother Townend shared some important words of wisdom that helped her through the years.

“I would like to see the young people do right, righteousness is wonderful, you do right you can look forward to life,” said Townsend.

Mother Townshend made clear how important it is to have morals in this world.

“It pays to do right, treat people right, and you don’t have to worry, because if you do wrong it will catch up with you,”

It was through her faith in God that blessed her to be 100 years.

“ Do right each day everyday, and what you can do is look to the lord and he’ll take care of you,”

According to Mother Townsend, honoring your parents is another tip to have a good and long life.

“ Have the intention to do right. Don’t scheme, don’t lie, be true to your parents, be good to your parents,”

“If you do right you have a lot to look forward to, even if nobody notices, but God knows;if you do right good will follow you.”

Out of a hundred birthday wishes, Mother Townsend had one specific wish.

“I wish people would love each other, I wish with all my heart people would love each other, and treat one another the way they want to be treated,

“We’d have a beautiful world of only people treated others the way they want to be treated,”said Mother Townsend.

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