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Muslim immigrationHalf of Americans would support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, according to a poll conducted by Reuters, involving thousands of people. 50.0% of the polled group of more than 4,400 individuals said they would favor a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country, whereas 42.0% disagreed with such an action and the remaining 8.0% were unsure what should be done.
The poll, which had been active since the 6th June, had previously shown that more people agreed with new Muslim immigration but the balance swung to the opposing viewpoint after the tragedy that unfolded in Orlando’s gay night club, Pulse.
The Orlando Pulse Night Club Shooting
In the early hours of the morning on 12th June, Omar Mateen entered the night club, armed with a SIG Sauer MCX semi automatic rifle as well as a hand gun. Although he was noticed by an on duty police officer who attempted to prevent him going into the club, he managed to get in anyway and began shooting at the hundreds of people who were there enjoying a Latin night, socializing with friends and partners. He shot 102 people, injuring 53 of them and killing another 49 as people cowered behind the bar and tried to hide in the restrooms. One woman saved her own life by piling dead bodies on top of her to ‘play dead’ while another person described using his bandanna to stem the flow of blood from a victim’s gunshot wound. 
After a three hour stand-off due to concerns about bombs being present, police finally ended the carnage by driving their armoured vehicle through the building and executing him to stop him harming anymore people.
Mateen’s Boast about ISIS Untrue?
During his terrifying rampage, he had pledged not to stop shooting until America stopped bombing his country and swore allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq. He also telephoned 911 to declare his sympathies for the Boston Marathon Bombers and contacted News 13 in Orlando to boast about being the shooter.

The news quickly spread among Arabic websites with praise given to him for his murderous actions. However, proclamations that the plot was an ISIS one were not written in the usual form that ISIS write in, leading to speculation that the announcements were fake.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) confirmed that they could not find any link between Omar Mateen and ISIS and the FBI said he had not had any contact with ISIS before his crimes. However, he was obsessed with watching ISIS beheading videos and his ex-wife was of the opinion that he had bipolar disorder, although this was never diagnosed. She characterized him as violent and unpredictable and said he had an issue with substance abuse. Since the senseless killing of so many innocent people who were just out having fun has turned public  opinion with a slim majority believing that a temporary ban on new Muslim immigrants would be best for the security of American citizens.
Donald Trump Gaining Support for His Views on Immigration
Donald Trump said that all persons from countries that have a history of terrorism against the United States should not be allowed entry into the country and that families who have settled here are becoming radicalized, bringing shariah law, hate against women, gay people and Christians to the western spheres. While he is gaining support for his views, he clashed with Hillary Clinton who warned against demonizing a whole nation of people on the basis of what a few have done. The larger majority of Muslim-American’s are appalled that mass-murder is being carried out in their name.
‘We Will Not Let it Define Us’, Say Muslim-American Community
Muslims across the country have been expressing their sorrow and gathering to remember the victims and Muslim organizations have issued a joint statement extending their condolences to the families of the victims. They pointed out that hate fuelled violence has no place in any religion and that the Quran tells Muslims not to be brutal or aggressive because God doesn’t love brutal aggressors. While questions undoubtedly need to be asked about immigration policy, it’s important to remember this, so that hate doesn’t breed more hate, a situation that religious extremist groups like ISIS are actually banking on.
The best way that communities can fight terrorism is to join together as together we are stronger. 

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