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whitney snowThe latest exhibition at the Scarab Club “The Magical Realism of Whitney Snow” opens tomorrow Friday, July 8 with a reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibition and reception are both open to the public.

“These compelling large-format oil paintings comment on contemporary American society addressing such questions as the oil economy, modern art, technology and consumerism,” said Duncan Campbell, president of the Scarab Club.

Whitney Snow grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts and graduated from Boston Fine Arts Museum School. He lived in Paris, Verona, Los Angeles, Denver, and Detroit. This is the first retrospective exhibition of his large format oil paintings since his death in 2006.

Snow portrays realistic figures in dreamlike settings of fabricated worlds and he anticipated and projected how people can be manipulated by both the media and technology.

“His social comment is biting and profoundly anticipates the struggles of American society today,” said Campbell.  “Snow saw our information-based society as illusionistic, like stage sets that gloss over the true undercurrents of free thought.

According to Campbell, Snow believed the further isolation of society was directly correlated to technology that precluded one on one personal interaction. The texting society of today would further affirm his fears and would have given him a whole new area of artistic commentary by painting.

A video teaser for the exhibition can be seen at: https://youtu.be/gvS4J4r35Yk

In addition to painting, Whitney Snow was an author of two books; Crossing Rolandos Fissure and The Techno-Prince published in 1995 and 2000 under pseudonyms. He also wrote poetry.

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The Scarab Club is one of Michigan’s finest venues for art, music and literature. Walk through the doors and enter into a splendid world of creative expression. From art exhibitions and musical performances to poetry readings and workshops, the Scarab Club stimulates the senses. There is an unbridled energy that exists within the walls of the Scarab Club, which is why its founders more than 100 years ago selected the Scarab – an Egyptian symbol for rebirth – as the moniker to represent the boundless creative spirit found within.

For more information, visit www.scarabclub.org

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