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little-caesars-arena-rendering-cropAs a University of Michigan trained economist and head of a complex science firm, Uplift, Inc., we all know poverty is a man-made condition. Black men dominated the skilled trades during the Industrial Revolution until those jobs were determined to be more skilled and should go to white “immigrants” before a Negro. Today since manufacturing has moved to Asian nations, most jobs in the high demand industries of Construction, Healthcare, IT and Manufacturing are skilled trade jobs with higher pay. African and Hispanic Americans have insurmountable artificial barriers to these jobs, leaving them in poverty.

The artificial barriers begin with separate but unequal education. Schools are still funded unequal across this country. The 52 percent of the urban public school student population is one of people of color is taught by a teaching population that is 82 percent Caucasian women. I have witnessed urban students received boring theoretical non-planned lessons while suburban students receive hands-on applied lessons and people wonder why urban students lack proficiency in math, science etc. To think this simple curriculum act is not racist is to live with one’s head in the sand like an ostrich. Racism starts at the school house and continues 6-8 hours a day every single day. If a person does not have the proper education then they are doomed to a life of poverty and crime as they have no other means to provide economically for themselves.

The school to prison pipeline begins in the minds of teachers who decide a child who does not “culturally fit” is “BAD” and treats them like crap. Even if they are not a “BAD” student they become one as they spend 6-8 hours a day mentally tortured by the same individuals who should be grooming them for corporate America. In fact, I was recently fired from a Detroit Public School consultant contract as I had “protected” 15 special education students who were constantly tortured by their teachers. Sadly, this torture happens in every urban school every single day and there is no one to “protect” these students.

Even if individuals rise above this barrier to amass credentials they then have to deal with the newest form of racism – “cultural fit.”. My son, who is in his 4th year as an information technology student at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY has better credentials than his counterparts, was asked by a company to work 1 week for free to determine his “cultural fit.” I told him to ask them to put that request in writing. They did not as they clearly know it is institutional racism. To fail to recognize that  institutional racism still exist and that institutional racism impedes job hiring, skilled trade training admissions and hence  upward economic mobility is to admit one is ignorant of the complex system of racism in America.

America was built on the backs of slave who never got just compensation for their labors. Today African Americans live in an economic slavery due high unemployment and underemployment. Any small infraction turns into a prison sentence and hence prison slavery. So ask you to ask the world to abolish the notion of “Cultural Fit” as it a nice new term for the old ugly institutional racism that is woven into every fabric of America.

I have organized a Skilled Trades rally on July 28, 2016 4-6 pm at Woodward Avenue and Chrysler Freeway, in front of the Little Caesar’s Stadium, to eliminate the notion of Cultural fit within the construction industry.

Register here http://www.upliftinc.org/skilled_trades.aspx As many construction contracts have been created with the generous tax break the City of Detroit provided, many more jobs for Detroiters must be developed without the artificial barriers of math proficiency that has surfaced as the new tool to determine Cultural Fit.

Can’t make the rally to eliminate this notion of “cultural fit”? Make a donation at https://fundly.com/automation-workz or www.upliftinc.org/donations.aspx 

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