'Unnecessary Trouble ' Video Debut Party

It turns out Phaedra Parks and the man who allegedly threatened her with a bomb have a long history together.

Terrence Cook, also known as Drama, blames The Real Housewives of Atlanta star for his overall downfall in life. Phaedra served as his manager when he pursued a rap career in the early ’00s, and she was also his lawyer in a 2003 robbery case that he ended up doing 12 years for in prison (although Phaedra was eventually removed as counsel).

From TMZ:

We’re told after Cook was released from prison in 2015 … he told friends he was going to Miami to meet up with Phaedra and shoot an episode of ‘Real Housewives.’ While in Miami, we’re told he got seriously injured in a skydiving accident, and has been on the mend since.

Sources close to Cook say he blamed Phaedra for his downfall in life … including his long prison term, defunct rap career, and skydiving injury. For the record, Bravo says Cook was never invited to shoot a ‘Housewives’ episode.

Cook was arrested in connection to the bomb threat yesterday morning. According to TMZ, “he showed up to what he thought was Phaedra’s law office claiming he had a bomb strapped to his leg. Cops said he had an envelope and book, but determined there was no bomb.”

Thankfully, Phaedra is just fine. Leave your thoughts below.


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