profileNigerian- American Author of “The Shield” and “American X”, Ra’Un Seti Anumene, a descendant of the Igbo Nation made a big splash this summer when he launched IBOS Fashions. IBOS Fashions is a 100% black owned e-commerce destination of Afrocentric shirts for men, women, and children that feature designs that depict the rich history and culture of those of African descent.

When you log onto, you are immediately greeted with dozens of unique designs featuring strong historical figures ranging from African Gods and symbols to prominent leaders and public figures from past and present. One of the many designs that are high in demand is the “African Royalty” and “Ankh” T-Shirts (pictured below).  IBOS Fashions is making a bold statement with its designs that feature quotes from famous figures of our past such as John Henrik Clarke, Marcus Garvey, and Shaka Zulu.

When asked what inspired IBOS Fashions Ra’Un Seti replied, “Growing up I often found it difficult to find a black-owned clothing line that represented us. I created IBOS Fashions to fill that void. We are not just an online store we are a movement. We are shining a light on the people of African descent by telling our story through design.

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