Anthony Green

Anthony Green

Local Detroit filmmaker Anthony Green, 41 has directed various short films and documentaries for eight years. He wears many hats including father, cousin, uncle, friend, husband and filmmaker. His faith in God is his main motivation to continue to persevere despite the obstacles that he has faced .This local talent is surely one to watch.

How old were you when you first began to get into film making? What interests you about the process?

I was 16 years old when I first began to have interest in video production. At this age, I began to develop the love for the camera. I just wanted to produce comedy skit videos to distribute to family and friends. Their feedback were vital to me and prompt me to try stand-up comedy right after high-school.

What makes a good film to you and why?

A few things make a good film to me, but my number one is twists. I love a good twist in a film. Twist and of course the overall story that can keep me in tune will always have my attention when at the movies.

What type of genre interests you?

I’m a BIG drama / thriller guy. I love the thought of being at the edge of my seat.

What type of film festivals have your short films been entered in? What categories did they win?

I was fortunate to have four of my films be accepted to various film festivals. The first film festival that accepted my work was the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival 48 film challenge. We actually won 3rd place for our short film titled “Reunited”. A few years later we were accepted at the Trinity International Film Festival and Made –In-Michigan Film Festival for our short film titled “Intervening”. Last year 2015, Trinity International Film Festival accepted yet another short film of ours titled “Match”. We won for Best Inspirational Film.

What are your favorite type of films to direct?

Personally I do not have a favorite type of film. I love to explore all genres. Documentaries however are simpler to direct in my opinion.

What is your upcoming feature film “Last Words” about and what do you hope your audience will get out of it?

Last Words aka “My Baby”! It’s about a woman named Tiff, whom is struggling to leave an abusive relationship. And once leaving, she tries to get back on her feet and start over. But little does she know, she will be faced with even more challenges. The film highlights the mental side of what a person, particularly a woman challenges could be after being hurt continuously. I’m hoping that the audience can gain a better understanding of relationships and the seriousness of life, love and trust.

When and where can your audience view your film?

The film is still in production. We are targeting for next summer to be complete. Our goal is to have a premier at one of our local AMC theaters near Metro Detroit. The trailer of Last Words can be viewed at

What advice would you give someone who is starting their journey into becoming a filmmaker?

The first step in becoming a director is simply film something. You can only get better from there. Keep God first in everything you do. That’s my model. And research! God took me from being in front of the camera to behind it

What encourages you to keep going in your profession despite the obstacles you may have faced?

A few years ago and this is a true story, I had a one-on-one with God. I humbly asked him “God can you please show me a sign that I should continue my film endeavor journey? I have spent time and money on this dream and I would love a sign of some sort”. I literally begged God for a sign. And that’s when he opened up a door for our film “Intervening” to be accepted at two film festivals within the same year. This story will always be my “taxi” that keeps me driven.

How far do you want to take film-making what are your goals for the future? I want to take it as far as God allows. And we all know that he has no limits. I want to explore and just continue to be creative. My goal though is to produce films that will impact the soul and touch the heart. “Ministering through cinema if you will”

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