Indictment cast, celebs and VIPs to walk carpet and greet guests at Bel Aire Luxury Cinema

Dennis Reed II Productions will premiere its 3rd feature length film Indictment: dennis-reed on Saturday, Sept 24, 2016 at Bel Aire Luxury Cinema at 10100 E. 8 Mile Rd in Detroit. The eagerly anticipated event will feature the world premiere, a live DJ, red carpet and photos for $30 general admission tickets. $40 VIP ticket holders will also receive a commemorative T-shirt and pass to the exclusive “Indictment Movie Premiere After Party” at Club 211 at 211 West Congress in Detroit. The show starts at 8pm, but guests can walk the red carpet and mingle with the cast and crew at 7:00pm. Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite or at Mighty Sub at 17602 W. 7 Mile.

Indictment: Dead Witnesses Can’t Talk is a 73-minute suspense drama that plays on the idea that you may never really know who a person truly is; not even your closest friend. Produced, written and directed by Dennis Reed II Indictment tells the story of an unlikely drug dealer played by local actor Lemastor Spratling who takes on the role of Johnathan, an unsuspecting, upper middle class PTA dad, husband and all around good guy…with an unfathomable secret.

Johnathan lives a dangerous double life as a hustler which he keeps under wraps and the radar of even his closest friend; FBI Agent Paul, [played by SuhLayMan Hamad] until a couple of rats turn on him.

Once the betrayal of his best friend is confirmed, Paul stops at nothing to uncover the truth and build a case to bring down an indictment on his most trusted comrade who has made a mockery of him the justice system, right up under his nose.

Shot and filmed by Directors of Photography Bartholomew Batton and Brian Thaqi Indictment is Reed’s third movie since breaking into the industry only four years ago. The cast is comprised of a couple actors from New York and Atlanta, but most are from Detroit, which also serves as the backdrop for the project.

“I love shooting in Detroit, it’s where I’m from and as a successful entrepreneur with strong roots here, I’m afforded a great deal of access.” Explains Reed. “There are so many good locations, talented people and complex stores, I’m just honored to be able to tell them…everyone wants to know about the mafia, drug dealers and the underworld; I like to offer the board room, decision maker perspective-the upper middle class point of view of these gritty stories”.

The Motor City native got his start as a novelist and writing and producing plays but found that in live acting there are a lot of mistakes, “With filmmaking you get to make it perfect; it’s more of a controlled climate, so I cut my teeth with I Declare War and True Law, now I’m super excited to present this new work,” said Reed.

Following September 24th premiere, Indictment will be available on DVD in Red Box located in most Walmart stores, and as Video on Demand content on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon and iTunes.

Currently in the works for Dennis Reed II Productions is the comedy Bad Grade and urban drug story Chopped Up as well as the new 8-episode series I Declare War TV which airs Sunday, September 25th on

For more info on the premiere of Indictment or to purchase tickets visit Eventbrite or call 313-818-0095. To learn more about Dennis Reed II visit Facebook or

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