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Wednesday, ‘The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah, schooled TheBlaze anchor Tomi Lahren about her often controversial and racially charged commentary. During the interview, Lahren ignorantly compares the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK. Wait, what?

In her comment, she suggests the actions of some at a BLM protest reflects the entire group and even believes their actions were worse than the bloody culture of the KKK. “You’re starting to loot, burn, and riot — what did the KKK do?” she said.

In response, Noah said, “You realize Black Lives Matter cannot be the new KKK. The KKK is still around. They have not vacated their premises, and, most importantly, to say Black Lives Matter is the new KKK is to really, really minimize what the KKK did and what they stand for. That is not the same thing. Surely you understand the incendiary … feeling of your comments. You know that, surely.”

Lahren, 24, adamantly claimed she isn’t racist, but instead was simply exercising her first amendment right. “Because I criticized a black person or the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t mean I’m anti-black. It doesn’t mean I don’t like black people or that I’m racist,” Lahren said.

“I’ve never used racial slurs to address people. I’ve never looked down on people because of their skin color. To me, true diversity is diversity of thought, not diversity of color. I don’t see color. I go after Hillary Clinton, and she is as white as they come.”

Noah immediately questioned her colorblind sentiments.

“You don’t see color? So what do you do at a traffic light? I don’t believe in that at all. There’s nothing wrong with seeing color, it’s how you treat color that’s more important,” Noah exclaimed.

I sure hope I don’t see her on the road.



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