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(NNPA)—Having written many articles on what takes place from January through April, each year, relative to our tax payments and refunds, I understand that we need reinforcement and repetition on certain issues.  Just as advertisers and marketers understand the power of continuous exposure to their messages, Black folks need the same thing, especially when it comes to getting us to act on basic, sound, practical, and collective economic and business principles. So please take a little time to read my latest repetitive missive on one of this nation’s finest Black-owned businesses: ComproTax.

The tax preparation industry generates between $6 billion and $9 billion annually, which indicates that there are plenty of tax returns to go around—the IRS estimates that there will be over 250 million filed by 2018 with revenues of $11 billion! Compared to our percentage of population (13 percent), Black-owned tax preparation businesses should have revenues of at least $1 billion. As far as I am concerned, ComproTax alone should be a billion-dollar business, considering it has some 220 affiliates throughout the nation.

One advantage that ComproTax brings to its customers is year-round services.  That’s because ComproTax is more than a tax preparation service.  Most of the large chains only come into our neighborhoods for four months or so, until around April 15. ComproTax is always there, providing Tax Preparation Training, Insurance Products, Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Business Mentoring, and Small Business Consulting.

Blackonomics…Black-owned ComproTax is one of the best in the business was originally published on newpittsburghcourieronline.com

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