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“Using childhood tragedy as the catalyst for change one product at a time”

By Alisha Dixon


Since her childhood, Tessa Alexander, a single mother and native of Grenada has had a love for making natural products. She initially made them for herself and her family and friends took notice and encouraged her to sell her products. Officially launched in 2015, Sapodilla Skincare was created by Alexander as a way to give back.

“I started Sapodilla because I wanted a way to give back to the orphanage I was raised on and the name of the orphanage is Sapodilla Home. So, I figured I would make theses products and every time I sold something, I would give back to orphanages, women’s homes and shelters,” Alexander said.

Sapodilla Skincare offers natural skin and hair products made from natural ingredients with its line of over 24 handmade natural products. Sapodilla offers everything from body oils and body butters to body scrubs and men’s beard butters.

Alexander’s favorite product, she said, is the brands first and number one selling product, the Coco Chai Body Butter.


“People just love it! They keep coming back for it!”

A turbulent childhood, she credits as the inspiration for her desire to help others.

“I was taken away from my parents because they were neglectful. So, I was put into an orphanage when I was four,” Alexander said. “I think that my childhood has shaped everything because my goal has always been to give back and that keeps me humble because of the upbringing I had. I put being a mother first and foremost because that is what I didn’t have.”


While growing up at Sapodilla Home, the one thing that remained consistent for Alexander was her morning routine that consisted of using natural products to clean and moisturize her skin. This routine, she said, is the reason she chose to start a skincare line as a way to raise funds for her philanthropic efforts.

“For me, growing up in the islands, a big part of our day and regimen was to make sure our skin looked nice after we showered. That’s how you start your day! You take a shower and make sure your body looked nice and clean and that just reminds me of my childhood because if you had nothing else, you had that. We call it greasing the skin,” the Sapodilla Skincare founder said.


Expanding her business, she believes is an important step to helping others and she hopes to see Sapodilla Skincare sold in big box retail stores in order to promote the brands’ message of charity on a national and eventually international scale.

“In the next five years, I see Sapodilla growing and allowing me to give back by being in stores like Target and Whole Foods. Being able to appeal to large companies who want to sell natural products is important. Target, especially, because the have a program for women-owned and minority-owned businesses. Overall, I just want to make enough to help,” she said.

“I want people to know that no matter where you come from or how small you are, we all have something that we are supposed to do in this world and remembering that struggle and a bad past don’t have to determine your future. It’s okay to trust your journey and be comfortable with things that happen because that is going to take you where you’re going to end up.”

Please visit sapodillaskincare.com for your natural skincare and hair needs!

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