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Betsy: “But I don’t know a thing about education.” Trump: “Girl, please.”

Should Betsy DeVos be confirmed as our next U.S. Secretary of Education?

Hell no. She’s completely unqualified and clueless when it comes to basic educational issues that any school teacher would know more about than she does. Her only qualification is that she and her husband have a ton of money, and that they have given significant amounts of that money to the Republican party over the years. For Christ’s sake, the woman thought that guns should be OK in schools because in Wyoming she figured (wrongly, of course) that guns were probably needed to fend off grizzly bears. So naturally, if guns can be used to help fend off grizzlies in Wyoming then why not arm all schools? Because who knows when a grizzly may be coming to a playground near you?

But it doesn’t really matter, because Donald Trump thinks she’s good enough.

So will Betsy DeVos be confirmed? Of course she will. Because this has nothing to do with competence or anything resembling ability. This is not about what’s best for the country. This is about blind loyalty to the Lord and Master of the Realm. This is about kissing the ring.

Not much more to say that wasn’t said in much more detail and depth recently by the Washington Post. And just for the record, when another news organization has the information that’s needed, I believe in sharing it and giving credit. With what’s coming over the next four years, there’s no way to sufficiently share what needs to be known without occasionally reaching out to any and all other media resources that possess that information. This isn’t about media competition, this is about getting the job done and sufficiently informing the public by any means necessary.

Hang on, because here we go…

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