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Keep up the great work, Fred. Pres says you're doin' a marfvelous job. Simply marvelous. -- PHOTO: History.com

Keep up the great work, Fred. POTUS says you’re doin’ a marvelous job. Simply marvelous. — PHOTO: History.com

This just in from The New York Times:

Trump: That Frederick Douglass “has done an amazing job.”

Yes, that Frederick Douglass, former slave, abolitionist and statesman who died in 1895.

Meeting with African-American supporters at the White House on Wednesday, the president let it be known that Mr. Douglass, an important figure in American history, had come to his attention.

“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice,” Mr. Trump said. “Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and millions more black Americans who made America what it is today. A big impact.”

Such a wonderful sentiment from our president. Of course, Frederick Douglas died on Feb. 20, 1895. My wife and I actually visited his gravesite last year in Rochester, New York, where he is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.

But hey, it’s the thought that counts. Especially when thinking comes as such a challenge.

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