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· Miles of roads to be improved this year a 35 percent increase over last three-year average

· Passage of state road funding legislation in 2015 provides for more improvements in more neighborhoods

The City of Detroit will spend $63 million this year to resurface 100 miles of rough streets, according to the city’s Director of Public Works, Ron Brundidge. The plan calls for resurfacing 57 miles of residential neighborhood streets and paving 43 miles of major roads this construction season. In addition, bridge improvement and projects designed to enhance existing roadways will also be implemented in 2017.

Major streets being paved this year include sections of Evergreen, Cass, Hubbell, Mack, E. 7 Mile, Whittier, and Joy Road. Approximately $4 million of the program will be spent on road enhancements, such as installing new bike paths, and rehabilitating the Bagley Street Bridge, east of 16th street, in southwest Detroit.

The resurfacing of 100 miles of streets in 2017 reflects a continuous upward trend of road improvement projects since 2014, and it illustrates the City’s commitment to quality infrastructure in all city neighborhoods. Here is a breakdown of City of Detroit road improvements over the past several years:

· 2017: $63M to pave 43 miles of major roads and 57 miles of residential streets

· 2016: $53.5M to pave 19 miles of major roads and 53 miles of residential streets

· 2015: $36M to pave 15 miles of major roads and 44 miles of residential streets

· 2014: $37M to pave 16 miles of major roads and 46 miles of residential streets

“Over the last three years, we have paved an average of 64 miles each year,” said Brundidge. “With the passage of the 2015 transportation funding bill in Lansing, we have more resources available to fix more roads in more neighborhoods.”

The additional funding also has allowed for improved street maintenance. Last week, the city re-launched its residential street sweeping program after a seven-year absence. The return of this popular service, including the purchase of several new sweepers, also was made possible because of the city’s larger allotment of state road funds.

Below is a complete list of planned road repairs by City Council District. For additional information visit the City’s Web site at http://www.detroitmi.gov/PublicWorks.





Appleton Verdun Dead End (S)

Ardmore W. McNichols Puritan

Braile Puritan Fenkell

Burgess Seven Mile Dead End (N) Hessell

Burt Road Fenkell Grand River

Canterbury Warrington Stratford

Codding Grand River Margareta

Coyle Florence W. McNichols

Coyle Grand River Fenkell

Dale Vassar Frisbee

Evergreen Clarita Seven Mile

Evergreen Pembroke Eight Mile

Fenkell Ave Evergreen Southfield

Fenton Grand River Seven Mile

Frisbee Telegraph Appleton

Frisbee Northrop Redfern

Grandview Seven Mile Frisbee

Greydale Orchid Grand River

Greyfield Grand River Margareta

Grove Prevost Forrer

Hemlock Prevost Forrer

Keeler Lahser Burt Road

Keeler Prevost Winthrop

Lenore Grand River Seven Mile

Margareta Greyfield Glenhurst

Mettetal Grand River Lyndon

Mettetal Fenkell Grand River

Midland Mansfield Winthrop

Midland Archdale Prevost

Norfolk @Winston Intersection

Northrop Seven Mile Frisbee

Pembroke Southfield s/d James Couzens

Pembroke Lahser Berg

Pierson Grand River W. McNichols

Pilgrim Forrer Prevost

Pilgrim Archdale Gilchrist

Pilgrim Greydale Westbrook

Puritan Lamphere Chatham

Puritan Burt Lahser

Puritan Vaughan Heyden

Puritan Kentfield Fielding

Puritan Greenfield Meyers

Redfern Eight Mile Hessell

Redfern Seven Mile Pembroke

Salem Grand River Margareta

Salem Bennett Santa Maria

Santa Maria Cooley Beaverland

Schoolcraft E/B W of Riverview W. of Dolphin

Schoolcraft W/B Dale Dolphin

St. Marys Fenkell Grand River

Trinity Grand River McNichols

Trinity Seven Mile W. McNichols

Trojan Berg McIntyre

Vassar McIntyre Berg

Verdun Appleton Riverview

Verne Prevost Rutherford

Verne Gilchrist Lindsay

Verne Lahser Greydale

Whitcomb Fenkell Puritan

Whitcomb Fenkell Lyndon

Winston Grand River W. McNichols

Wormer Grand River Seven Mile



Ardmore Curtis John C. Lodge

Baylis Fenkell J.C. Lodge

Belden Puritan Lodge

Chippewa Meyers Appoline

Clarita Winthrop Greenfield

Dexter Fenkell Puritan

Fairfield Seven Mile Curtis

Grand Linwood Wildermere

Greenlawn W. McNichols Puritan

Hubbell Eight Mile Curtis

Hubbell Jeffries Fwy Grand River

James Couzens N/B s/d Six Mile (McNichols) Audrey

John C Lodge N/B s/d 50′ W of Monica Ohio

John C. Lodge N/B s/d Schaefer Audrey

John C. Lodge S/B s/d Wyoming Monica

Kendall Ewald Circle Wildermere

Manor Curtis Margareta

Mansfield W. Outer Drive Santa Maria

Margareta Rutherford Mansfield

Mendota Santa Maria Curtis

Merrill Plaisance Woodward Pontchartrain

Pickford Greenfield Prest

Pontchartrain Merrill Plaisance 7 Mile Rd.

Puritan Livernois Belden

Santa Clara Wyoming Pinehurst

Sorrento W. McNichols James Couzens

St. Martins Schaefer Lesure

Stoepel W. McNichols Thatcher

Ward W. McNichols James Couzens

Whitcomb Vassar Pembroke

Wildemere Puritan J.C. Lodge

Woodingham W. McNichols Puritan



Alcoy State Fair Fairmont

Balfour Berkshire Harper

Coram Redmond Crusade

Coram Hayes Gratiot

Girardin Seven Mile Dead End (N)

Goulburn Seven Mile Eastwood

Goulburn Eight Mile Collingham

Greeley Seven Mile Nevada

Greeley Nevada Chrysler Service Drive

Hildale Rogge Helen

Hoyt Eight Mile Carlisle

Jos Campau Conant Davison

Lappin Redmond Kelly

Lappin Gratiot Hayes

Marx E. McNichols Nevada

Rex Lappin Liberal

Riopelle Eight Mile State Fair

Rogge Hilldale Seven Mile

Rogge Seven Mile Bliss

Russell Seven Mile Nevada

Russell Nevada Chrysler Service Drive

Spencer Eight Mile Outer Drive

Stotter Seven Mile Outer Drive

Stotter Eight Mile Outer Drive

Tacoma Hayes Monarch

Veach Eight Mile Dead End (E)

E. Winchester Dequindre Conant



Buckingham E. Warren Munich

Cairney McClellan Cooper

Conner Edsel Ford Fwy Warren

Cooper Forest Warren

Essex Ashland Chalmers

Fairfax Alter Rd Gross Pointe Border

Harper Hayes E. Outer Drive

Korte Alter Rd Dead End (E)

Mack St Jean McClellan

Marseilles Edsel Ford Chester

Morang Laing 7 Mile Rd.

New York Cadieux Dead End

Nottingham Moross Morang

E. Seven Mile Kelly Redmond

St. Jean Shoemaker Warren

Warren Cadillac Conner

Whittier Kelly Whitehill



Alger Oakland John R

Avery Ferry Park Marquette

Beaubien Mack Canfield

Calvert Linwood Wildmere

Calvert Dexter Lawton

Canfield Beaubien John R

Canton Mack Vernor

Chandler Oakland Woodward

Charlevoix Chene Jos Campau

Clairmount Linwood Rosa Parks

Cortland Linwood Lawton

Crane Vernor Kercheval

Elmhurst Oakman Jeffries Fwy

Fullerton Linwood 14th

Garland Mack Charlevoix

W. Grand Blvd Grand River Jeffries Fwy

Hague Oakland John R

Hazelwood Dexter Quincy

Holcomb St. Paul Jefferson

Iroquois Warren Gratiot

Josephine Oakland John R

Lawrence Rosa Parks LaSalle

Lawton Davison Glendale

Mack Gratiot McClellan

Parker Willard Warren

Pennsylvania Forest Canfield

Pennsylvania Forest Warren

E. Philadelphia Woodward Oakland

W. Philadelphia Byron Woodrow Wilson

Pingree Quincy Dexter

Randolph Gratiot Centre

Sheridan Canfield Forest

St. Antoine Lafayette Gratiot

Taylor Linwood Quincy

Townsend Canfield Gratiot

Virginia Park Dexter Grand River

Wabash Ferry Park W. Grand Blvd.

Webb Rosa Parks LaSalle



25th Toledo Vernor

Addison Dayton McGraw

Alpine Joy Rd Tireman

Alter Rd E. Jefferson Klenk Island

Anthony Wayne Drive Forest I-94

Bagley Ave 15th 16th

Bangor Buchanan Dead End

Bangor W. Warren Hancock

Barlum Livernois Martin

Brandon Junction McKinstry

Broadway Gratiot Grand River

Cass Grand Blvd Congress

Clifford Woodward Bagley

Crowley Barton Dead End E of Martin

Daniels Crowley W. Warren

Dayton Lonyo Addison

Diversey American Wetherby

Edsel Schaefer Pleasant

Grand River Woodward Madison

Henderson St. Lawerence Dead End W of Trenton

Hubbard Porter Lafayette

John R E. Adams Woodward

Junction St. Hedwig Vernor

Kinsman Scotten Lovett

Lovett Buchanan Torrey

M.L. King 14th Trumbull

McKinstry Toledo McMillian

Mullane Navy Logan

Pine Rosa Parks 14th

Prairie Warren Tireman

Rangoon Tireman Walton

Rich Scotten 31st

Schaefer Lyndon Outer Drive

Seabaldt Jeffries Northfield

Second ML King Forest

Third Ledyard Forest

Tireman Northlawn Livernois

Toledo Livernois W. Grand Blvd.

Uthes McKinstry Clark

Washington Blvd W. Jefferson Park

Waterman Vernor Regular

Wykes Warren Tireman



Beechdale Wyoming Mendota

Captiol Schaefer Shirley

Cascade Boston Dead End (N.Of Elmhurst)

Castleton Schaefer Shirley

Chicago Spinoza Trinity

Foley Mendota Meyers

Forrer W. Chicago Ellis

Forrer Plymouth Captiol

Glendale Abington Memorial

Grandmont W. Chicago Ellis

Joy Wyoming Livernois

Joy Oakman Decatur

Joy EB I-96 SD Intersection Only

Joy WB I-96 SD Intersection Only

Joy Schaefer Wyoming

Kramer Mansfield Prevost

Lauder Plymouth Chicago

Lauder Tireman Joy Rd

Mansfield Chicago Joy Rd

Monica Elmhurst Davison

Morley Wyoming Mendota

Orangelawn Wyoming Ohio

Plymouth Greenfield Hubbell

Prest Plymouth Elmira

Prevost Ellis Joy Rd

Robson Joy Rd W. Chicago

Rouge Park Drive Outer Drive Outer Drive

Rutherford W. Chicago Kramer

Schaefer EB I-96 SD Intersection Only

Schaefer WB I-96 SD Intersection Only

Southfield Service Drive N/B Chicago Plymouth

Southfield Service Drive S/B Pembroke Seven Mile

St. Marys Chicago Plymouth

Stansbury Lyndon Intervale

Terry Joy Rd Ellis

W. Davison Grandmont Southfield Fwy

Washburn Schooolcraft Dead End

Washburn Jeffries Schoolcraft

West Parkway Hazelnut Meadowpark

Westfield Trinity Evergreen

Westfield Evergreen Warwick

Whitcomb Joy Rd W. Chicago

Winthrop Westfield Ellis

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