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Atlanta, news medias have recently communicated erroneous news, i.e., alternative facts, regarding Soul Asylum Studios Atlanta. Local news agencies reported there was a “Drive by Shooting” at SAS. That is not true. SAS has a stellar record of “No Violent Incidents” to clients at or near their recording studios in eight years. As a matter of fact, SAS has served over 1,700 plus new and over 500 returning clients annually. Not to mention the history of: A/B List clientele, celebrities and other high profile patrons that frequent SAS.

Parent company Soul Asylum Studios Group spokesperson Rafael Capone says, “We are a private upscale recording studio. We are considered the quintessence of perfection in recording, mixing and mastering. We offer the services of multi-award Winning engineers, (Grammy, American Music Awards, and the like); our studios are second to none. Therefore, it is important to get the truth out because our reputation depends on it.” That said, an unfortunate off premise “Strong Arm Robbery” occurred in the area resulting in gunshots. A videographer carrying his camera gear and a backpack was victimized as he walked to his vehicle. Although not life threatening, the videographer was grazed by a bullet. “The suspects fled the scene by foot, eventually jumping into a vehicle” offer bystanders that witnessed the event. There was no attempt to rob Soul Asylum Studios and the gun men and accomplices were on foot and never entered property or parking lot of SAS.

Soul Asylum Studios stellar record still in tact was originally published on atlantadailyworld.com

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