Iantha Lane

On Friday, May 12, the e.Lane Group lit the skyline of Detroit on the rooftop of the M@dison Buliding with “The Social Runway,” an international fashion show between Detroit and Toronto hosted and produced by Iantha Lane, founder of the e.Lane Group.

Lane, a former model, took her career to the next level, currently producing upscale fashion affairs.

“As a child, my dream was to become a model, walk the runway, do commercials and be seen on print ads,” she said. “After experiencing a career in modeling, I wanted to take things to the next level. I’ve held model calls, trained models for runway productions and hosted events for my auto show co-workers when they come to Detroit.”

As a natural connector, Lane develops her clients’ events from the ground to the runway, producing premium events as she scouts models, hires vendors and directs a team, providing a memorable experience for guests.

“I’ve concluded that fashion isn’t just an expression, it’s an experience,” she said. “When my guests leave an e.Lane Group production, I want that experience to stay with them. I want them to walk away loving fashion even more.”

As an ambitious, determined and outgoing tastemaker, Lane takes her craft very seriously. She continuously develops her brand by researching magazines and fashion shows.

“I seek Him for everything. I ask for creativity to produce a successful event that will go beyond the client’s expectations,” she said. “I’m old school. I love the Ebony Fashion Fair. I try to combine new and old, to produce something different and timeless.”

All of which has propelled Lane into the realm of premium fashion events.

“The Social Runway” was the perfect platform to display her God-given talents. As fashion shows are on the constant rise, from day parties, to night life, it is one of the hottest event attractions in Detroit.

Production for a fashion show is at the top of the list as one the most complex. The more people and transitions to the run-of-show, the more room for error. However, professionals like Lane, find these variables exciting.

“It amazes me how everything that can go wrong sometimes does go wrong. However, with organization and a good team, you can still produce an amazing masterpiece,” she noted.

Next on the e.Lane Group agenda is a summer institute for modeling and a fashion show in Toronto. One of Lane’s passion is informing, connecting and cultivating aspiring models with the tools they need to navigate the modeling waters.

“When I started off in the modeling industry, I didn’t know how to begin, what to do or how to market myself. The e.Lane Group’s summer institute for modeling will help models learn about the industry and recognize which path is the right path to take as they develop their modeling career.

For more information on the e.Lane Group visit, http://www.TheeLaneGroup.com.

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