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Charlene Diggs has just married the love of her life, Marquis Diggs, known as Hollywood, founder of a major drug ring called The Brotherhood. On the night that Charlene goes into labor with their first child, Hollywood is gunned down outside their home in an apparent drug hit.

Five years later Charlene is a single mom, successful business owner and a faithful member of her church. But she is worried about her girlfriends, Portia, Keisha and Stacey, who are dating the new bosses of The Brotherhood.

Sounds like the beginning of a newly released series on Netflix, huh? It’s from the creative mind of Joe Smith and his upcoming play, “Diamond Girls.”

City.Life.Style: What is “Diamond Girls” about?

Joe Smith: ‘Diamond Girls’ is a story about women who date men who are drug dealers, and some who are drug dealers themselves. It’s the street life but from the perspective of the women.

CLS: What inspired you to write this play?

JS: For one, my mother’s connection to the street life and her murder when I was six years old had a major impact on me. Also, by growing up in the North End in Detroit during the rise of the crack era, I got a first-row seat to the streets and the collateral damage it causes to those connected to it.”

CLS: What can audiences expect?

JS: Audiences can expect a dramatic and action packed movie but live on the stage. They can expect to laugh, cry, be enlightened, as well as afraid.

CLS: How did you decide on the cast?

JS: I picked the best local talent here in Detroit that also had the look to give maximum authenticity to the characters and the story. The cast is full of seasoned actors along with a couple of newcomers, like Rick Carter, Jr. who is the son of the late notorious drug dealer Maserati Rick Carter.”

CSL: What’s next for you and “Diamond Girls”?

JS: After the Detroit performance, we will be taking the play on the road to other cities in the region. Also, I’m wrapping up a documentary called “Diamond Girls: Confessions” where I interview women who have lived the street life, either as girlfriends of drug dealers or as drug dealers themselves.

Diamond Girls premieres Saturday, Sept.30th for two shows (3 pm & 8 pm)
For more information or to purchase tickets visit eventbrite.com/diamondgirlsstageplay

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