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Veteran’s Day, a day to remember those that have selflessly given a service to this country, is this Saturday November 11; “the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month.” BBB warns our local communities to be weary of scammers looking to prey on veterans or those that support veteran based organizations. In some cases, these scams have been tailored to strictly target veterans.

There are many legitimate military charities that fundraise and donate to military causes all over the United States. However, there are many scammers that will pose as a veteran service charity and solicit donations in the name of veteran services. These funds never assist a veteran or servicemember and, by giving to fake organizations, those that truly need our support are not being assisted.

BBB urges donors to research an organization before donating any funds and to remember the Wise Giving Alliance reports on charities across the country and how their fundraising is spent. If an organization is pressuring you to donate right away, this is a red flag. A legitimate charity will still need donations in a few days after the pitch. You should feel comfortable with the information you have found before writing a check.

Another scam BBB wants our communities to be aware of is the one that the scammers will tell the veteran he or she is at risk of losing VA services or benefits. These scams will pressure a veteran over the phone to provide a credit card number, bank account number, social security number, or lose valuable benefits. Any act of intimidation or trickery towards a veteran or active duty service member is appalling. BBB wants to provide as much information and support as we can to ensure theses scammers are unsuccessful in their attempts to defraud our veterans.

This is the time of year for giving and BBB wants those that wish to give to do so responsibility, so their generous donation will go to someone in need. For more information on BBB or Wise Giving Alliance please go to bbb.org or give.org for a report on a local or national charity. Better Business Bureau wants to thank all those that have served in this country’s military, both domestically and overseas, for their selfless acts of service ensuring the safety of our great nation.


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