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Fighting back against an economy rigged against them …

Michigan health care workers, janitors and state employees in the Service Employees International Union, along with hospital, child care and fast food workers in the Fight for $15, will rally at the Capitol in Lansing following Governor Snyder’s annual budget address. The event will outline the ways Snyder’s policies and the economic revitalization he is touting have failed working people throughout the state.

While the Governor and others tout Michigan’s comeback, Michigan’s working people have been left behind in the development boom. Through eight years of tax cuts to businesses, increasing individual taxes and failures to fix basic infrastructure, hospital workers, fast food workers, janitors and others have borne the brunt of cuts to the budget while at the same time not sharing in Detroit’s increasing prosperity.

Michigan’s workers have been left behind, but are now standing up to demand that our next Governor create policies that will raise up all of our communities through increased wages and support of our state’s unions. Michigan’s working people have long been ignored by their elected officials, but SEIU and the Fight for $15 are changing that this year. Workers are joining together to elect officials who will instead raise wages, support the right to join together, build our communities and keep all Michiganders safe.

WHO: Michigan workers, including SEIU state employees, janitors and health care workers; and Fight for $15 fast food, hospital and child care workers

 WHAT: Response to Governor’s budget address

 WHEN: Wednesday, February 7 at 11:30 a.m.

 WHERE: State Capitol, Lansing in the House Appropriations Room 352 Capitol


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Service Employees International Union Local 1 unites 50,000 workers throughout the Midwest including janitors, security officers, higher education faculty, food service workers, and others. Local 1 is committed to improving the lives of its members and all working people by winning real economic justice and standing at the forefront of the fight for immigrant, racial, and environmental justice.

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Founded in November of 2012, the Fight for $15 is a movement led by fast food workers, fighting for a $15/hour living wage, the right to form a union without retaliation, and respect in the workplace. Workers live and work in different cities and states across the country. Since the Fight for $15 started, it has won raises for 22 million Americans, including 10 million workers who are on a path to $15.


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