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The City of Detroit is now underway with a $58 million program this year to repave 88 miles of roads neighborhoods across the city, according to Department of Public Works Director, Ron Brundidge. Some of the major thoroughfares being resurfaced this year include segments of Joy Road, Russell, Fenkell, Cadieux, McGraw, and E. McNichols.

In addition to the resurfacing 58 miles of residential streets and 30 miles of major thoroughfares, the City will rehabilitate the dilapidated Bagley Street Bridge near 16th Street in Mexicantown and the West Parkway Culvert in Rouge Park this year at a combined cost of $3 million. A portion of West Parkway has been closed for the past two years due to the condition of the culvert, which spans a branch of the Rouge River. When the project is completed, the road will be reopened to traffic.

A major portion of this year’s road improvement program will come from bond funds approved last year for improvements to several of the City’s major commercial corridors. Of the $58 million program, $17 million will be used this year to resurface 17 miles of major roads. An additional $17 million in bond funds will be used to replace broken sidewalks alongside the road projects, Brundidge added.

Consistent with the city’s requirement that major economic development projects hire a majority of construction workers from within the City of Detroit, the City is also requiring the same of itself. While residential street paving is done by city workers, many major thoroughfares are paved by private companies. Last year, the city’s road paving contractors hired 54.5% of their workforce from within Detroit.

“We want to see Detroiters rebuilding Detroit, and we have a lot of opportunity with this year’s road construction program,” said Brundidge

Below is a complete list of planned road repairs by City Council District. For additional information visit the City’s Web site at http://www.detroitmi.gov/PublicWorks.


District 1

Street From To

Cheynne Chippewa Dead End (N)

Coyle Puritan Fenkell

Coyle Puritan Florence

Prevost Puritan Fenkell

Southfield s/d southbound Grand River Schoolcraft

Southfield s/d northbound Schoolcraft Grand River

Trinity Seven Mile Vassar

Westwood Lyndon Chalfonte

Wormer Grand River Bennett

District 2

Street From To

Blake Annin Seven Mile

Birwood Fenkell Pilgrim

Charleston Seven Mile Lantz

Clements Rosa Parks J.C.Lodge Fwy

Fenkell Rosa Parks Linwood

Fenkell Livernois Wyoming

Globe Livernois Dead End(W)

Greenlawn Curtis Seven Mile

Griggs Norfolk Eight Mile

Hill Log Cabin Rosa Parks

Hughes Rosa Parks Inverness

Inverness Hughes Pilgrim

Littlefield Pembroke Dead End (N)

Linwood Puritan Fenkell

Mark Twain Seven Mile Pickford

Mark Twain Pembroke Norfolk

Midland Griggs James Couzens

Monica Joy Road Dead End (N)`

North Log Cabin Rosa Parks

Northlawn Curtis Seven Mile

Pembroke Littlefield Cheyenne

Pembroke Sorrento Ward

Pembroke Schaefer Snowden

Pennington Curtis Seven Mile

Roselawn Pembroke Eight Mile

Roselawn Curtis Seven Mile

Santa Barbara Curtis Seven Mile

St.Martins Strathmoor James Couzens

St. Martins Whitcomb Robson

Strathmoor Vassar Pembroke

Strathmoor Seven Mile James Couzens

Steel W. Outer Drive Pembroke

Washburn Fenkell Keeler

Whitmore Second Dead End (E)

Vassar Sussex Whitcomb

District 3

Street From To

Anglin Conant E.Outer Dr.

Bringard Schoenherr Pelkey

Brock State Fair Seven Mile

Coram Hayes Brock

Collingham Waltham Ghoulburn

Cordell 8 Mile Coram

Cushing 8 Mile Kelly

Dequindre Nevada Seven Mile

Dorchester McClellan Pennsylavania

Fordham Morang Hayes

Emery Dequindre St Aubin

Emery Conant Anglin

Emery Anglin Harned

Emery Crysler Cameron

Emery Hawthrone Russell

Gallagher Eight Mile E.Outer Dr.

Goddard Conant E.Outer Dr.

Goddard Seven Mile Neveda

Hickory Bringard State Fair

Hickory Manning State Fair

Hoyt Seven Mile Lappin

Kenney Van Dyke Castle

Lappin Schoenherr Hoyt

Lappin Hayes Brock

Lantz Conant Goddard

Lantz Dequindre Marx

Mackay Conant E.Outer Dr.

Mackay Seven Mile Conant

Maine Seven Mile Neveda

Manning Brock Hayes

McNichols E. Gratiot Gunston

McNichols E. Davison Dequindre

Nevada Dequindre Chrysler s/d

Pelkey State Fair Manning

Redmond Seven Mile Faircrest

Remington Orleans Marx

Revere Winchester E.Outer Drive

Reno 8 Mile Carlisle

Robinwood Lumpkin St Aubin

Robinwood St Aubin Dequindre

Robinwood Dequindre Marx

Robinwood Riopile Greely

Robinwood Greely Hull

Robinwood Russell Cardoni

Robinwood Cardoni Hawthorne

Robinwood Carrie VanDyke

Rossini Hayes Dead End (W)

Ryan Nevada 7 Mile Road

State Fair Woodward John R

Stockton Concord Helen

Tacoma Schoenner Alcoy

Tacoma Brock Hayes

Verona Pfent Seven Mile

Waltham – Fire Station Route Six Mile Gratiot

Westphalia Seven Mile Greinier

Wexford Eight Mile E.Outer Drive

District 4

Street From To

Ashland Jefferson Harbor Island

Berden Cadieux Bishop

Cadieux Mack Chandler Park

Chalmers Harper Houston-Whittier

Coplin Wade Coulburn

Eastwood Morang Hayes

Eastwood Kelly Morang

Essex Navahoe Dead End

Essex Navahoe Lenox

Faircrest Kelly Morang

Freud Phillip Chalmers

Harbor Island Lakewood Dead End

Harper Conner Norcross

Klenk Island Alter Rd. Dead End (W)

Lakewood Kercheval Mack

Mack Alter Rd. Wayburn

Marlbrough Charlevoix Mack

Maryland E.Warren Chandler Park

Newport Essex Dead End(S)

Newport Canfield Warren

Nottingham (Asp) Edsel Ford Service Drive E.Outer Drive

Savage Van Dyke Sherwood

Seymour Kelly Hayes

Springle Kercheval Vernor

Tennessee Clairpointe Dead End (W)

Wade Greensboro Somerset

Waveney Algonquin Alter

Wayburn E.Warren E.Outer Drive

Wayburn E.Outer Drive Edsel Ford

Queen 7 Mile rd Whittier

District 5

Street From To

Beaubien Jefferson Lafayette

Buena Vista Livernois Oakman

Canfield Lodge Service Drive Trumbull

Chene Jefferson Gratiot

Cortland Monica Stoepel

Dexter W. Grand Blvd. Atkinson

Division Rivard Russell

Gladstone Dexter Wildermere

Iron Jefferson Wight

Lodge s/d northbound Milwaukee Euclid

Lodge s/d southbound W. Grand Blvd. Baltimore

Holmur Oakman Davison

Holmur Kendall Doris

Magnolia Scotten Vinewood

Pallister Lodge Service Drive Third

Russell Gratiot Mack

Stearns Livernois Stoepel

Third Seward Pallister

Third Pallister W. Grand Blvd.

Tuxedo Rosa Park LaSalle

Warren E. McDougall Dequindre

District 6

Street From To

8th Fort Lafayette

25th Toledo Bagley

35th Michigan Edsel Ford Service Dr

Annabelle Outer Drive Salliotte

Bassett Schaefer Outer Drive

Beatrice Schaefer Visger

Beatrice Visger Outer Drive

Belle Casper Norman

Biddle Vinewood McKinley

Brandon Hubbard McKinstry

Central Michigan McGraw

Cicotte McGraw Edsel Ford Service Dr

Calumet Trumbull Gibson

Commonwealth Stanlley Ford Fwy Dead End

Ethel Outer Drive Visger

Ewald Circle Davison Oakman

Florida Michigan Edsel Ford Service Dr

Forest W 14th Trumbull

Gartner Springwells Central

Gibson Temptations Canfield

Grand Blvd. W. W. Vernor Toledo

Greusel Otis Michigan

Hammond Toledo Dead End (N)

Hanson Livernois Dead End (W)

Honorah Dix Dead End

Hubbard W.Vernor Brandon

Jackson 31st Lovett

Jeffries s/d eastbound Magnolia Michigan

Junction Michigan W. Warren

Kulic Wesson Dead End(W)

Lonyo Michigan Kirkwood

Martin John Kronk Michigan

McGraw Cecil W. Warren

McMillian Lansing McKinstry

McMillian Cavalry Junction

McGregor Campbell Juction

Merrick Vinewood Tilman

Miami Campbell Bassett

Morse Livernois Dead End (W)

Morton Livernois Gilbert

Olivet Springwells Dead End (N)

Parkinson Michigan Bruckner

Plum Trumbull Brooklyn

Porter Fisher Service Drive W.Grand Blvd

Proctor W.Warren Edsel Ford Service Dr

Proctor Michigan Edsel Ford Service Dr

Renville McGraw Edsel Ford Fwy

Rich Wesson 31st

Risdon W.Grand Blvd Vinewood

Rose 16th 17th

Ruskin 4th 23rd

Sharon Woodmere Dead End (N)

Stair Dix Dead End

St.John Freer Central

Stanley Trumbull Commonwealth

Tarnow Michigan Edsel Ford Service Dr

Toledo W.Grand Blvd Scotten

Trumbull Fort Fisher s/d

Trumbull Grand River Warren

Wabash W.Grand Blvd Ferry

Waldo Parkinson Freer

Whitehead Livernois Dead End (W)

District 7

Street From To

Artesian Acacia Kendall

Artesian Ford Road Paul

Artesian Joy Road Sawyer

Artesian Acacia Kendall

Ashton Joy Road Tireman

Asbury Park Warren Paul

Auburn W.Warren Tireman

Beaverland Parkland Tireman

Bingham Tireman Littlefield

Birwood Plymouth Grand River

Burnette Tireman Warren

Cathedral Evergreen Artesian

Chalfonte Steel Schaefer

Chalfonte Greenfield Winthrop

Chicago Scheefer Meyers

Chicago Wyoming Jeffries

Chicago Hubbell Greenfield

Cloverlawn Chicago Oakman

Cortland Jeffries Oakman

Dover Artesian Evergreen

Ellis (Asp) Manor Meyers

Ellsworth Mettetal St Mary’s

Elmira Hubbell Dead E mark twn

Elmira Greenfield Whitcomb

Elmira Schaeffer Littlefield

Elmira Vaughan Plainview

Glendale Mansfield Mettetal

Grandville Tireman Sawyer

Griggs Westpointe Kramer

Interval Lauder Terry

Jeffries s/d westbound Meyers Cheyenne

Jeffries s/d westbound Wyoming Meyers

Joy Road Schaefer Greenfield

Keeler Winthrop Lindsay

Lamphere W.Warren Parkland

Marlowe Chicago Westfield

Parkland Sawyer West Parkway

Patton Plymouth Elmira

Piedmont Plymouth Chicago

Pilgrim James Couzens Mendota

Pilgrim Schaefer Cruse

Plainview Tireman Sawyer

Plymouth Wyoming Manor

Prest Lyndon Chalfonte

Quincy Joy Road Boston

Robson Chalfonte Grand River

Schaefer W. Chicago Joy Road

Stahelin W.Chicago Joy Road

Stahelin Joy Road Sawyer

Verne Pierson Braile

Warwick W.Warren Tireman

Washburn Jeffries Schoolcraft

Westwood W.Warren Tireman

Wisconsin Jeffries Schoolcraft


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