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The business of cocktails is nothing new, yet let’s be honest everyone can’t always make the perfect Manhattan or Vodka Tonic, there is a skill even an art to it and that’s where Jennifer Peeples and The Perfect 10 comes in.


City.Life.Style: What is the Perfect 10?


Jennifer Peeples: The Perfect10 Mobile Mixology Service, LLC is the go-to bartending company for people looking to elevate their social or corporate event with creative and delicious craft-cocktail experiences. We believe life is too short to drink bad cocktails, therefore it is our duty to be your trusted partners in delivering custom beverage packages, signature cocktails, and memorable moments.


CLS: How did you decide on this business?


J.P: The Perfect10 was established with the belief that cocktails shouldn’t just be a commodity, but a fun, bonding experience each and every time. I started bartending as a way to make extra money for college expenses, but as I learned more about the craft, my love for science enticed me to appreciate the alchemy of cocktails. After attending countless weddings and events, I recognized a need to bring more fun and cocktail education back into bartending. This combined with 15 years of experience and my heart for serving, led to the eventual creation of The Perfect10.


CLS: What makes your bartending service different from others on the market?


J.P: Let’s face it, drinks (or lack thereof) can make or break a gathering. We treat our clients as partners in each event. Our priorities are simple – (1) we strive to exceed the client’s expectations from our first interaction through the conclusion of their event and (2) we eliminate the stress and guesswork from the beverage planning process by providing in-depth consultations and comprehensive follow through because ultimately, we want our clients to relax and enjoy their events. We have developed The Perfect10 Recipe for exceptional customer service; a 10-step process for ensuring each event is executed to perfection. Instead of just serving beverages, it is our goal to educate clients and their guests on how to step outside of the box and enjoy cocktails as they are truly intended – as the perfect accent to priceless moments. Our Mixology Classes do just that. We have created an interactive 2-hour party that teaches you the secrets of shaking, mixing and stirring your own cocktails by using the correct equipment, glassware, and fresh ingredients. Instead of DIY we want you to PIY – Perfect It Yourself!


CLS: What bartending tools and base liquors should every home bartender have?


The Perfect10 recommends these essential tools for your home bar:


  • Boston Shaker and Strainer – properly chills your cocktails and strains them to perfection


  • Jigger – used for pouring the proper proportions (over pouring can ruin a cocktail)


  • Juicer – freshly squeezed juice is always best, if you don’t have one at home, be sure to purchase organic lemon and lime juice


  • Muddler – this is the best tool for releasing the flavors of herbs and fruit


  • Bar Spoon – ideal for stirring your famous Manhattans or layering a cocktail to impress friends


  • Pourers – great tool to minimize spills and to assist with accuracy when pouring


  • Mixologist recipe book or app – to look up craft cocktails in a pinch


  • For base liquors, it’s okay to start small. Having quality over quantity is always key.


  • Choose spirits that you enjoy, and won’t just sit on the bar. A premium vodka, gin, whiskey, cognac, and tequila are always great starters. You will find some brands are best used for only mixing, while others are great sippers. Don’t forget to add mixers and accents such as carbonated beverages, juices, simple syrups, and bitters to enhance your cocktails.


CSL: What’s next for your business and where can people reach/follow you?


J.P: We are gearing up for the launch of our Perfect Blend product line slated to be released in Summer 2018. It will consist of various infusion kits, sugars, and simple syrups to bring out the mixologist in you. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram @perfect10mixology. For event inquiries, please visit our website at http://www.perfect10mixology.com. Cheers!

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