Solange, Jesse Williams & More Tweet Powerful Reactions To The #SamDuBose Slaying was originally published on

1. @SolangeKnowles


“Dear world Black people do not want to exit out of our vehicles in cop related incidents because we’ve see that end in murder TOO many times,” she wrote. “I can predict a lot of responses to this. “If you comply” “if your respectful” …. NO! We’ve seen this too end in death TOO many times.”

2. Solange


“I have taught my son to “fully comply, be respectful, stay calm”, KNOWINGLY understanding that this is often times not enough!”

3. @JesseWilliams


“The tradition of consequence-free warfare on Black people sets the bar so low that we’re inclined to celebrate the slightest of inclusions,” he tweeted. “Having murderer ray tensing in custody is fine. By comparison to the innumerable who’ve walked freely for centuries, it’s not a set back…”

4. Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

“But an indictment & swift justice is not to be heralded or confused w/ progress. The occasional drip of Americana is not a cup, or country.”

5. @QuestLove


“Whenever a tragedy of #SamDubose levels goes down (which is becoming routine)…its the indifference of the Silent that upset me more,” he said. ” Somethin “Tragic” didn’t happen today. It’s goes on everyday. Just imagine the 10s of thousands of false reports given because of “prove it.”

6. Questlove


“I didn’t do the search. But I know one thing: I better not see more concern for #CeciltheLion or a damn rap battle than #SamDubose,” he wrote. “This is why #BlackLivesMatter cause I’m seeing more concern for a LION on my timeline.” He added, “As for that mugshot: that’s subliminal “got what he deserved” media commentary. Not having a license is not punishable by death. #SamDubose.”

7. @ElonJames


“Are we innocent enough to care about our deaths yet? Is it sad yet? How many “lions” have to die before society gives a shit? #BlackPride,” he boldly tweeted. “Real talk. My number one concern is not dying in the fucking streets. Empathy for Black Lives would be great.”

8. Elon James

Elon James

“Do the White People who show up in my mentions telling me about aborted Black babies realize how insulting that shit is?” he questioned. “When I’m talking about Black death at the hands of the state and then you tweet at me “like abortions” you sound like a gatdamb idiot.” And, “Cops killing unarmed negroes is not the same as a woman making a choice about her health, body & life. Nothing you can say will make it so.

9. @ItsGabrielleU


Gabrielle Union wanted to know, “How many more??!?! How many more must die???!!”



“Bereaved black families seem pressured to forgive instantly, or be accused of complicity in civil unrest. #SamDubose (h/t @VincentFletcher)”