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    Wayne State President and Mayor Duggan to hold summit on health equity in Detroit
    Wayne State University, in partnership with the City of Detroit, will host the inaugural Mayor’s Summit on Health Equity on May 2-3 on Wayne State’s…
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    Dr. Funkenstein says it’s time to pay for all that funk
     Do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong. On Thursday, May 5, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will take control of your…
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    American Heart Association to Host Two Walks in Southeast Michigan
    It is time to take control of your health and get walking. The southeast Michigan American Heart Association is set to host the Washtenaw County…
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    Chapman Jewelry and Gifts: Four generations strong
    For the record, the Chapman men didn’t just up and decide to open a jewelry store one day. Chapman Jewelry and Gifts, now located at…

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    Woman Used Identity Theft To Fund Clients’ Plastic Surgery Procedures
    Over that course of time, 14 Central Florida women were arrested and over a dozen people fell victim to identity theft. "The plastic surgery was tummy tucks, breast implants, breast reductions, the Brazilian whatever — whatever you could get with plastic surgery, that's what they were getting done," said Orlando Police Detective Todd Herb in a statement.
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    “Racist, Bigoted, & Hateful:” Religious Leaders Unite Against Trump
    The statement from the group of religious leaders is out of the ordinary because they usually avoid getting involved in the realm of politics in fear of affecting the tax-exempt status of their places of worship.


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    Steps to help you improve your financial life
      April was National Financial Literacy Month – a reminder to us all as this month closes that, whether you support yourself or an entire…
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    23rd Annual Women’s Power Breakfast provides nutritious meals for hungry students
    Gerry Brisson, Andra Rush, Nancy Schlichting and Faye Nelson Imagine over hearing a child tell another student he hasn’t had a meal since yesterday’s lunch.…


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    The Currys Cover June Issue of Parents Magazine
    How adorable is this family? Steph Curry poses with his two daughters, Riley and Ryan, for Parents magazine in what may be the most heartwarming…
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    Do It For The ‘Gram!: 6 Tips to Take Your Instagram Account To The Next Level
    Take your IG to new level of appreciation using these 6 tips!


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    Young Thug “Texas Love” (NEW VIDEO)
    Young Thug pays homage to those affected by the floods in Houston, Texas in his new video
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    Warren G Screws Up “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” At Chicago Cubs Game
    Warren G is a man of many talents, but unfortunately, singing isn't one of them.


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    Super Bowl or bust: Gov. Deal going extra mile to attract big games to Atlanta
    ATLANTA — Fresh off the nationally-embarrassing “religious freedom bill” debacle that threatened to derail Atlanta as one of the nation’s premiere destinations for corporations, movies…
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    UGA head coach not pleased with Ludacris contract involving condoms and alcohol
    The Georgia Bulldogs football head coach was not happy that The University of Georgia agreed to pay performer Ludacris $65,000 and provide candy, condoms and…


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    Clergy and churches launch new DRIVE initiative
    Over 50 congregations were represented at the Commitment Ceremony of the Detroit Regional Interfaith Voice for Equity (DRIVE) on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 31. Five hundred and fifty…
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    When faith meets action: Detroit pastors join together for massive donation to Flint
     The Bible says that faith without works is dead. Last week, a large group of Detroit pastors, led by Bishop Edgar Vann of Second Ebenezer…


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    Jared Fogle Writes Creepy Letter From Prison, Downplays His Crimes
    Despite currently serving a 16-year prison sentence, former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle is trying to downplay his sex crimes against children.
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    Black Man Subjected To Roadside Cavity Search In Broad Daylight
    The officers refused to believe Elijah Pontoon was not hiding any drugs on him and subjected him to a cavity search in broad daylight. A female officer searched Pontoon's girlfriend, Lakey Hicks, exposing her breasts.


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    Osborn High School ‘Oprep’ robotics team takes lead
      Osborn College Preparatory Academy, a Detroit Public School located on Detroit’s east side under the leadership of Principal Senta Ray- Conley, robotics team, “The Knight Riders,” ranked…
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    Former Black college presidents launch education search firm
                  Four former Black College presidents announced today the launch of TM2 Education Search, which provides retained search and…


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    ‘Project Formation’ Brings Free Personalized Boot Camp Training To Brooklyn
    Get in shape without spending your coins.
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    NAMI Mental Health Advocacy
    The word “advocate” has been tossed around quite a bit under the Capitol Dome over the years. So much so, I sometimes expect to see…


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    #TeamYeezy: North West And Kanye’s Cutest Moments
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    T.I. Hosts Special ‘Keanu’ Screening In ATL
    Farewell, Kobe: Relive The Jumpshots That Made Him A Legend
    7 Smart & Amazing Black Kids [VIDEOS]